If you would like to support a freelance graduate student, please feel free to donate! I will graciously accept anything you choose to send. If you want, consider exchanging a donation for one of the following opportunities: 

Donor Opportunities Include

  • Features in articles, social media, photos and videos

  •  Category exclusivity among sponsors at any level

  • Ad space on my website

  • Product giveaways to increase customer awareness

  • Product Endorsement

  •   ‘Signage’ on sponsee website and/or e-newsletter

  •   Promotion or contest on sponsee social media, e-newsletter, and/or website

  • Links to donor website displayed on blog.

  • I can target audience of men & women ages 16-45, who are job seekers or individuals affected by economic hardships, the recession, or underemployment.

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These number are growing daily, I have a very high percentage of content engagement, meaning my followers love what the content I produce! Give me a shout if you are interested and I will be happy to discuss partnership with you and your wonderful brand!

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