4 Steps to Becoming a Flight Attendant

Have you dreamt of flying for a living? Getting paid to pack your bags and jet off to new cities?

Becoming a flight attendant is a dream for many, so here are some practical steps you can do to turn this dream into a high speed reality.

1. Research your airline of choice. See if you can find out which one suits your needs and then submit an online application. Yes one of the keys to becoming an FA(flight attendant) is to APPLY. Take that first step. Look at average start pay and where you may be based right out of training. You more than likely will be placed in the least desirable base city at first, because the better cities are for FAs with more seniority.

2. Be prepared for an open group interview. Look at height requirements before you go. Once I submitted my online application, I found the nearest open interview and went over, not knowing what to expect. The interview involved listening to the job description, filling out paperwork, then SPEAKING in front of 150 FA hopefuls. We had to speak for 1 minute on why we believed we would be a good flight attendant. I had lifeguard and food service experience (and I made everyone laugh) and I was moved to the second round of the interview.

The first day I got my wings in Salt Lake City

The first day I got my wings in Salt Lake City

Once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been, and there you will long to return.
— Leonardo Da Vinci

3. Make sure you have a valid passport ASAP. Once you hear back from the company it is GO time and you need all your paperwork in order. Look over their requirements because flying to training without your paperwork could mean flying back home without a job.   

4. Wait for that call and once you get it CELEBRATE! Hang out with everyone you know because soon you'll be nothing more than a phone call or Instagram post to all your friends who are stuck in their cubicles. You will be at 30,000 feet so spend time with your loved ones before you jet off to training. 



Apply online. Attend an open interview. Let the interviewers see the real you. Say goodbye to the life you knew. Fly away.