Life of A Production Assistant

I did not purposely become a freelance, unstable, when's my next paycheck? type of lady.
That life chose me.

So if you plan on choosing to working in television or film, be forewarned. Most positions are freelance. 

Being freelance means you work for yourself. You have no big company ensuring that you have another show to work on once the current show wraps. You have to make a good impression and be a master at networking to stay afloat. It enables you to pick and choose which gigs you want to take. However, most of the time--you work for money so you are going to take a gig when it is offered. With that being said I have worked some unorganized, strenuous shows and I have worked shows that were a perfect combination of a great team, strong leadership and fun.

Main PA Responsibilities - A Very Generic List

  • Lunch and Coffee Runs. (I list this one first because it is my least favorite. Unless I am being given enough money to buy myself something.)

  • Filling Craft Services aka the Snack Table

  • Filling and Draining Ice Chests

  • Picking up and Dropping off Important People to the Airport

  • Creating Excel spreadsheets or Venue Signage

(I am capitalizing all the words to make the tasks look more important)

  • Being a Stand in to Help the Lighting and Camera Department

  • Driving Your Personal Vehicle to Pick up Miscellaneous Items (Props, Food, Gifts etc)

  • Making Copies, Answering Phones, Printing

  • Carrying Heavy Things to Places

  • Providing the Production Team With Assistance, Laughter and Peace of Mind.

Are you a PA? Have you been interested? Comment below I'd love to chat with you!