Obstacles We Face Switching Careers

*This is going to be a post that reflects my very personal experiences*

Ever since I graduated in December of 2012, finding my place in this post-recession economy with my head in the clouds has been the furthest thing from easy. I have faced many obstacles that could have stopped me from pursuing a free spirited, creative lifestyle. Some of you may be in a place where you purely do not enjoy how you spend you day. Whether that be clocking in and out, wearing an uncomfortable uniform, having bad bosses, you may feel like you HATE what you have to do daily.

That is not okay. So this post is for you: the brave souls who are not afraid to admit they want change. I don't claim to have the answers but here are some obstacles I have faced in switching jobs so often, and how I have overcome them. Please leave comments or take to the Forum to discuss your obstacles and solutions.

#1 Obstacle: Worrying about Money, Bills, Rent, Etc..
The number one fear I have faced once I realize a job is making me sick and depressed is WHAT ABOUT THE MONEY. If I quit, how can I afford gas? I have monthly obligations, like most adults. 
My Solution: Money comes, and money goes. It is a constant cycle. It is never okay to let money control your decision to pursue happiness. Freedom comes when you release the mental captivity of "money money money." Yes you still have to make payments. But guess what. There is a wonderful job out there for you that will allow you to pay your bills and wake up smiling. At the same time-YES! So it's a good idea to have enough money in savings to cover 1.5 months and go ahead and send in your two weeks notice. You will be okay. Breathe. Hard workers with talent and a plan will always prevail. You don't have to stay miserable and under appreciated. 

You deserve to be as happy in your life as I am here, throwing leaves in the air. Big Bear, CA

You deserve to be as happy in your life as I am here, throwing leaves in the air. Big Bear, CA

#2 Obstacle: What Will my Parents or Friends say?
Maybe you have a really cool title at work, or you have amazing perks that your friends and family like to use at your expense. But you hate your job, and you hate driving there and you hate everyone there. Bye. Time to quit,
My Solution: Realize who has to wake up, look in the mirror and go in this this job. It is you. No one else has to wake up and be you. Ask one or two trusted people in your life their opinion on leaving.  One or two MAX. Asking too many people what you should do is usually what causes the problem. Different cultures, economic standings and generations will have varying opinions on leaving a job just because you are miserable. Some will eagerly say: yeah quit! (cough, me) Some will express extreme reluctance because in their life they just stayed in jobs for years. Some will tell you to stay because they enjoying your jobs perks (i.e. Flight Benefits, Discounts for theme parks, and so on). They are not to be asked in the first place what you should do. 

Ultimately you have to life YOUR life to the fullest potential. Coldplay says: We are all diamonds in the making. Part of that process is removing yourself from a position you dont want to be in. Your soul will tell you when your time at a company is over.