The 4 Best Job Hunting Tools

There are so many different job resources and self help books out there and I am sure they all contain useful information! For me, I have bookmarked and made mental notes of the MOST helpful things that I have utilized so far. Here's a short list. More on the way!

1. Article called 7 Surprising Habits That Will Turn You Into a CEO
Short, sweet, inspiring. Advice like this will only help if you take action and make changes.

2. Book called Change Your Words Change Your Life
I am only halfway done and this have completed revolutionized the way I think, speak, and behave. In return I've received more positivity and a happier outlook.

3. A Resume Writer (Resume 2 Hire)
I cannot stress how vital this has been to my career journey. With all the automated filters HR departments use now, it takes a professional to help you get your resume seen. By rewriting my resume I was able to transition my television based resume to one that focus on tourism.

4. Website called Indeed
Perfect for anyone looking for a job from there phone. You upload your resume and look for the jobs that say : Easy Apply! (See photo below)

5. County/City websites. By applying directly to city jobs you know you are applying through a legitimate source, and you have access to phone numbers for follow up phone calls. It is straight forward, pay and job responsibilities are listed. I worked as a city lifeguard and substitute teacher.

Me on a show in Los Angeles. Probably applying for jobs from my phone.

Me on a show in Los Angeles. Probably applying for jobs from my phone.

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