How My Degree Has Helped My Progress

Getting Your bachelor's degree JObs by Jocelyn Harper

I currently have a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, and next fall I will be starting a program for a Masters of Science in Hospitality.

Jobs by Joce wouldn’t be possible without the arsenal of tools I learned in undergrad. With that being said, my college degree has held me back financially because of the loan payments, and the mental strain knowing you owe money to the government. At the end of the day, I do not regret going to school at all and I will tell you why.

Once I graduated I felt I needed to immediately get a full time job, 9-5 in the television or film industry. However, post graduate life in 2012 was not smooth. I ended up first working at Panera Bread, then a summer camp, and THEN I got a solid break into the industry. I had moved to Santa Monica with no job, and a lot of faith. While I was out and about, job hunting in the Santa Monica promenade, I received a call that the show Single Ladies, by Vh1, was looking for a post production assistant and they wanted me to come in for an interview that day.

I had no car that day. Just a folder full of resumes and a lot of motivation. I hopped on the 720 bus in Santa Monica and went down Wilshire to the interview. On the bus I wondered how this show received my resume. But it wasn’t time to ask questions, I had a TV show who wanted to interview me!

I arrived to the studio and went up to the third floor. The interview was with the post production supervisor and post producer. They asked me if I had ever worked in post production before and I hadn’t. I had my Bachelors degree and 3.7 GPA listed on my resume. At the end of the short interview the producer said: people with good grades in college usually learn quickly and do well.

I got the job by phone call on the bus ride home. No previous experience, but I had a degree and had a good GPA. This doesn’t happen often but that was the longest television gig I’ve had to date. 7 solid months of income in the freelance world is great!

I proved I am a quick learner and dedicated person by earning a degree.

Sometimes I think about student loans during times of financial strain and wonder was it worth it? But the answer is always yes. College expanded my vocabulary, allowed me to engage in public speaking with no problem. I learned how to prioritize and manage my time. I learned how to research and problem solve without always asking others for help. College gave me a network of colleagues and professors that give advice, job leads, and letters of recommendation. College was so useful that I am choosing to head back in the Fall! 

The saying always goes: You get out what you put in.

That is true with college. I encourage you strongly to get your degree by any means necessary, and put it 100% effort while you are there. While I was in school I did internships, networked, and earned good grades. So in my life my degree was worth it and continues to pay off in the freedom I have to be impressive in a variety of fields. I would not have been able to try out so many different career fields without the flexibility and knowledge base I learned in college. I am not afraid to try new things because that was encouraged in school. Ultimately, despite the price tag, my Bachelors is one of my greatest accomplishments and has served me well being 3.5 years post grad.