Wildest Things You’ve Ever Considered (Or Done) to Make Money

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Unless you are a star of my favorite show, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, we have all been in a tight financial situation. An emergency payment or unexpected expense that has left us with a worrisome amount in the bank. Whether this was you in college, or in this very moment, sometimes our brains wander down the roads less mentioned. We dabble with thoughts about jobs that would provide quick cash, and solve all our problems. In a world where maybe our morality or fear of jail do not matter. You envision all the money you could rake in, in just a month.

Certain jobs hold stigmas. Classics like stripping, sugar daddies, selling drugs, stealing…okay I’m done. You are not the only one who has danced with the idea of looking into jobs your parents would kill you for doing. How close have you gotten to a quick cash solution? I’ll tell you how far I got. The interview! And I got the job.

It was not the most scandalous of jobs, if I am being honest. But for me, it was enough to cause my heart to beat a little faster. Inside of a Hollywood strip club they were in need of a sex shop attendant. I was looking for a job that would complement my daytime hours, and add up to provide me with extra income, at no expense to my daily job. At the time, I was working in post production on an award show and also part time at a day spa. I was only docked to work a week on the awards. Working freelance wears on your brain. You constantly wonder about the next week, the next job, the next paycheck. I think that might be why everyone gets drunk after a show wraps.

I saw it the position for 'Sex Shop Attendant' open on Craigslist and gave it a shot. Who would find out? Or rather, who would even care. The very next day I was invited to come in for an interview.

I came straight from work. Curls were on point, in a purple cardigan and jeans. I parked far away from it, in case anyone would recognize my car. (Like anyone was checking that hard for me.) When I showed up the club manager was dressed in an orange jumpsuit. Apparently it was “prison night” at the club. The shop was in the hallway entrance on the right, and further in was the strip club entrance. The sex shop looked like a room that had been thrown together, with cement floors and rickety walls. There was a DVD tower and a small counter with a cash register. He pointed out the different toys and said that I could have the job if I was comfortable explaining the toys to customers. I looked around and was like, “Sure...wait what is THAT?” He offered me the job on the spot and I said I would consider it overnight.

Surprise, surprise, I did not take the job mainly because it was not paying nearly enough to have me working Friday and Saturday nights from 11pm to 7am.

The financial burden is real out here. I’m being open because I know I am not alone. I am not going to sugar coat it. My age group is chock full of people with college degrees, living at home, with dreams of hosting their own dinners and having their own address. I do not have a money solution, but I can attest to the fact that yes, along with my three-page resume have been many moments considering quick money. I do cling onto the affirmation “Easy come, Easy go,” in regards to making quick cash. I am in for the long haul as I begin my Masters Program in the Fall.  I am believing that I will find a high paying career that I LOVE to wake up and do. I’ll be searching until I find it.