Miami South Beach

Welcome to South Beach!

The beach bum in me could not wait to relax on a new coast, and learn all about Miami.

Full of culture, color and cuban food we set off for 4 nights.

Lets talk about the people.
We landed and took the train to the government center, which was only about a mile and a half walk to our lovely hotel in downtown. That walk through downtown was intense. Locals are in downtown very verbal, and almost intimidating when it comes to the cat calling and “hey wassups.” I’m used to looks and smiles in LA (not to be that person) but in downtown Miami they were quite aggressive to the point where I was rolling my eyes, cringing and wanting to scream mean things.

At the club I experienced what our promoter called “everyone wanting to be famous.” Rather than drinking, dancing, laughing, and generally letting loose, people were subdued, snapchatting and making sure they looked good from all angles. Don’t get me wrong I made sure I had a blast! Free bottle service at both Ivy, and Liv! However, the general mindset was to dress up and be seen.

Lets talk about transportation
Although the Miami buses were affordable and the local downtown metro mover was FREE, I felt that a vacation should not be TOO much work. *If you plan to take public trans, buy your bus pass ahead of time at the airport!* So with that being said about the harassment on the bus, I was very inclined to catch ubers (not taxis) from our hotel to South Beach, and vice versa. It cost about $7.00 one way, when it wasn’t peak hours. That was a life saver because it would not have been ideal to sweat on our way to the club.

Lets talk about the weather
When I say sweat I mean worse than a Richard Simmons work out video. The humidity was like nothing I have ever experienced. And I have lived in the midwest. I was pouring in sweat until about 7pm, daily. It is’t something I got accustomed to , I just made sure I wore light colors, skipped denim, and pulled my hair up.

Lets talk about the attractions
My travel buddy was my roommate from college and she planned an excellent itinerary, with plenty of wiggle room
Day 1: Land, Grab local food and sleep
Day 2: Shop, swim and chill in South Beach, IVY night Club
Day 3: Grab Coffee, then go PADDLE BOARDING (my activity of choice) we found a ridiculously awesome Groupon that allowed us to paddle board for 2 hours, $10/each. Then we searched for arroz con pollo, only to be let down by either prices or lack of inventory. We ended our evening at Barton G’s a restaurant known for flair and presentation.
Day 4: Art Day! Check out the Art district with there 80s looking buildings on South Beach (aka Art Deco district for which you can receive a guided tour for $25), then to the Wyndood Walls which was SO cool. Murals, art and sculptures everywhere! We were lost so we just told the uber driver to take us to the Wynwood Walls and he knew exactly where to go.
Day 5: Grab Starbucks, catch the metro and Fly home

Have you been to Miami? Or a different part of Florida? I would love to hear your experiences!

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