Midnight in Paris

“I belong to no city.” Inspired by a section of The Wanderess this statement really defines me. For the past three years I have lived in seven different cities, 5 different states & I have visited dozens more. However, no city has impacted my perspective of this world more than Paris, France. It had been a dream to visit Paris and I needed to use my flight benefits one last time.

The trip went down a little something like this:

Why Paris
Because its Paris. I knew I wanted to quit being a flight attendant before Christmas, and Paris seemed like an obvious go to city, while it would still cost me just $70 to fly there.

The French
They are so in love with their culture and way of life. I do not blame them. With an abundance of architectural masterpieces, paintings I could stare at at all & warm croissants, who wouldn’t love it? I did become a master of the phrase “Parlez-vous Anglais?” (Do you speak English?) To which I was often replied to with an eye roll or more French. My boyfriend at the time pointed out how well dressed they were as a community. You would be hard pressed to find someone in a hoodie and sweats, even on the metro. My phone was stolen by a colorful local, who pretended he was helping me purchase a metro ticket. That incident has scarred me ever since. (sings Oliver Twists “you’ve got to pick a pocket or two.)

What to See
We only had the luxury of being in Paris for 48 hours. I had a tight schedule and had to be back in Los Angeles. The Eiffel Tower literally blew me away and is clearly a must-see. I came up from the metro, fresh off the plane, and there was the tower staring me down. It was an overwhelming feeling to be honest. Such a large and famous monument looking down upon my small figure. I will never forget the feeling. My favorite view was when I stood next to it, and had to tilt my head all the way back to see the top. We took the elevator to the very top as well, and could see all of Paris, laid out in organized greatness.

Parisian music. Look at my ex boyfriend playing clash of the clans in PARIS. LOL

The Arc de Triomphe off Champs-Élysées (the most beautiful street I have ever seen when lit up at night) was so beautiful and elegant! In the tunnel underneath was a man playing classic French music on a horn. What a perfect set up. My ex boyfriend and I met two girls who were there on business, and they took photos of us!

The River Seine – River that runs through the city. It recently flooded, and I can only imagine the damage that did, because the whole street around it was lined with vendors selling artwork, souvenirs, tours and more.
The Louvre –We never got to see this iconic museum, because it just so happened to be closed on Tuesdays, to our grave disappointment
Musée d’Orsay –the 19th & 20th century art was my favorite. We saw the Van Gogh exhibit, but unfortunately were not all that impressed.
Notre Dame Catherdal – Very ethereal, dark and mysterious, full of religious vibes. However, we had a catastrophic meal at the cafe next to the cathedral. 

The Food
The only thing I LOVED was my banana Nutella crepe. I am kind of picky.  Overall, I don’t think we found the right places to eat. My ex-boyfriend ordered a “Caesar salad” that came topped with snail body (which looking back may have been anchovies). He discovered this after taking a bite. I thought was going to throw it up looking at his face, but he ended up making the most heroic attempt to respect the establishment. He continued to eat the salad. -pause while I laugh for another 15 minutes.

So go to Paris, please.
Bring Euros with you,
have a crepe or three
don’t let street vendors hustle you
See everything in the day time and then again at night

& soak in every minute.