Dream it Alive: Manifesting Your Desires

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I am not always a very positive individual. Optimism is something that has been a struggle. I would consider myself an optimistic realist. If I have never seen it done before, with my own eyes, there was a chance I would poke holes in any idea, plan or story that came my way.

That has been changing over the past couple of years. It really began to clear up when I started dating my boyfriend. If I can say anything about him, it is the fact that he has introduced me to pure optimism, vision boards, and reading uplifting literature. Can you say #winning?

He showed me his vision board that listed different goals, including his dream car. One year later, we now drive down the freeway to dinners and date nights in his dream car. He would tell me to speak the things I want. Initially I thought, no. If I speak it out loud someone could sabotage my plans. I’ll keep my plans to myself. 

But realistically, I have past experience with speaking my future into existence.

When I started my television journey in 2013, I repeated for 2 months “I want to work the MTV Video Music Awards.” And even when my persistent emails got ignored, I would still tell people, “I bet I am going to work the MTV Video Music Awards”. I said it so often I think people around me got annoyed. That confidence and positive speak plus a number of emails resulted in working the MTV show. And I only had one other show credit on my resume.

We only have so many years on this planet. What do you want to see before you close your eyes for the last time?

I began reading  Change Your Words, Change Your Life by Joyce Meyer last year. I am finally almost done, and it shares how powerful words are in order to live a life you desire. There are plenty of books about “secrets” and “power rules” but this book is my favorite because it is a faith based book, calling on scripture to back up what it claims. It has tangible ways to change your outlook, therefore changing your life. 

Regardless of your faith, we can all benefit from more positivity coming from our mouths. It can be as simple as, “Today will be great” when you wake up. “I will get this raise because I am worth it, I have earned it, and I claim this raise,” before an evaluation meeting. In times when I am waiting for the next chapter to begin, I find myself struggling to stay positive. I want things my way, right away. So at minimum, positive words uplift your mindset and make getting through the day so much better.

Join me in making a vision board!

I took some time to make a dream board. I made my first real one, today! The experience of making a dream board is exciting, but also can be overwhelming because it’s a time when you really have to be confident and trust yourself in saying: this is what I want.

Sometimes we may be conditioned to think – "I don’t deserve that. That isn't realistic." I grew up with around people who could find the negative side of a proposed idea – I believe that is why I struggle with optimism. While making this dream board I found myself choosing a dream car which is the Porsche Cayenne. Fancy soccer mom, right? When I got a great picture of it, I felt deflated-- "why should you ever get a new car, a used car is fine."

No. If you want a new car you should manifest that. Believe that. Embrace that! There is no reason to hold yourself back or settle for less. The Jobs by Joce motto is never settle. I used Dream it Alive to make my vision board and you can view my profile here: http://dreamitalive.com/jobsbyjoce1

I would love if you made one too, so you can verbally and visually outline what you want from life. It is more intense and focused than just chatting with a friend about life. We only have so many years on this planet. What do you want to see before you close your eyes for the last time? If you choose to make a Dream Board, screenshot it and send it to my email, or DM on Instagram!