New Start, New York

My apologies for the break in writing a new post. I recently went through (and am still going through) a very hard breakup, so I was having trouble writing. However, with this most recent job combining travel, work and television, I just had to get this one out to you all! Up top is a song I recently discovered. Check it out if you'd like!

I just wrapped the MTV Video Music Awards in Manhattan, New York and here are the highs & lows!

I have worked the VMAs before, previously in Brooklyn. I was on for 4 weeks and stayed with my aunt. This time I was only on for 1 week and I stayed with my cousin. When I landed my good friend Matty came up from D.C. to meet me, So the very first highlight was getting to see Matty after three long years! I also loved the opportunity to reconnect with my cousin Elizabeth, who I had not seen since I was 12!

I was a production assistant on this show, but instead of being part of the Main Show who supported the team building the stage inside Madison Square Garden, I was on the Pre-Show team, supporting the team who built the red carpet—or should I say white carpet!

It was refreshing to be with a different department, and see how things are run outside of the venue. I was assigned to the Truck, and in the truck in the director, audio, television prompter team and others. Anything they needed during set up and rehearsals, I was their girl. I ran microphone cubes to Charlemagne. I set up lunch for the director, I made copies for the production supervisor. I was running around more than I expected I would. Whenever there was down time at the truck, I was helping the rest of the PA team with craft services, subway runs to Viacom, and more lunch pick ups.


The very best thing about being on the pre-show team, outside the venue was meeting my favorite Instagram comedian, @iamBranden aka Joanne the Scammer. I have been watching his videos for almost a year, so when I watched MTV’s Snapchat that he was scamming his way into the VMAs I prayed I would run into him.

It was a blessed moment when I walked onto the white carpet with some papers to deliver, and there he was in a different wig. He was just peacefully waiting for the show to start! It actually took some courage to approach him. I have been around plenty of celebrities but @IamBranden’s videos actually give me so much joy that I was nervous to ask for a photo! I took a breath, and set my papers aside. I went up to him and said, “Excuse me? You’re my favorite Instagrammer…could I take a picture with you?” and he said, “Well, Of course!” We talked for another minute or so, then I went back to work. That was absolutely the high light of my work week.


I saw plenty of celebrities, and finally got to see Nicki Minaj’s body up close and personal. She’s just adorable really.  I also had the chance to break away from the truck and watch Beyonce perform! I have seen her in concert, but her performances never ever disappoint. Another PA and I were dancing and just loving life while she sang “I Ain’t Sorry”, and “Formation”.

Here are a couple of complaints. The weather was absolutely appalling. My major complaints about this trip was being stationed outdoors, seeing as we were the red carpet team. I am used to being inside an office or inside the venue where air conditioning is plentiful. And another complaint would be the commute. When I came to New York in 2013, the commute from Flat Bush to the Barclay center was not bad at all. However, from Bed-Stuy to Manhattan the commute was about 45-55 minutes, including a 10 minute walk to the train. I guess I am spoiled having a car in California, but after missing a train by mere seconds I was over the subway.

Career Update!

I will be starting my first “real” full-time job on Tuesday at an interior design company, doing Social Media & Web Marketing. Also, I am starting my masters program at the end of September. So, this very well may be the last time I work a massive award show. This year’s Video Music Awards was special to me for so many reasons. It helped me transition out of a long term relationship, it allowed me to feel the excitement of television for one last time, and I got to see people I had not seen in years. I truly believe I was meant to do these award shows and freelance work when I did it, but now is definitely a new chapter in my life. Jobs by Joce is ever changing, thanks for reading!