3 Ways to Cope with Going Back to School

Jobs by Joce Going back to School

Happy MLK Day!

This post is a follow up to my video on almost dropping out of grad school. If you haven’t watched it, please do! The feedback was that many college students could relate, and everyone was so encouraging!

We are at that time again when school is cranking back into session. I had such a wonderful holiday season, full of family, love and true peace! As this “final” semester of graduate school approaches, I can feel my anxiety trying to pop back in.


So if anyone can relate to hating school with the passion of a thousand suns, continue to read!

  1. Yoga. I swear by yoga because us millennials struggle with finding time and resources to care for our bodies and minds. If you have some time check out The Burnout Generation which delves into the current lifestyle in which millennials operate. So yoga is my solution when I’m having a great day and want to emanate gratitude. Yoga is my solution when I have a headache that decided to moved into my forehead and sign a one year lease. Yoga is the answer to preemptively stressing about taking 3 graduate level classes while working full time, and class isn’t even in session yet. For anyone looking for a good place to practice from the comfort of home, check out Yoga with Adriene. I visit her channel 1-2x a week.

Jobs by Joce Yoga

  1. Planning my graduation party. I was an event coordinator and live for the fun memories in life. My graduation party is the light at the end of what might be a difficult tunnel. I have been calling venues and restaurants to price things out. It lifts my spirits to think about my favorite humans celebrating my graduation with me. So if you have something you can plan, whether it be over spring break, or in the summer create a Google doc and start gathering ideas! It will serve as a goal post for your soul.

Jobs by Joce Weekend
  1. Living for the weekend. Okay most of us already do this. And when we have homework this won’t be as easy. BUT hear me out - if you can carve out 3 or 4 fun staycations or weekend getaways, it will break up the semester and make it more bearable. I purchased a Kia Soul a year ago, and have been looking into car camping! Look out for posts and pictures on this, because I am super excited.

There you have it! A few ways to brighten up your Spring semester. Has anyone ever car camped? I am not a tent person and would love some tips or advice!

Take risks and never settle,