3 Different Types of Freelance Writing Jobs

Jobs by Joce Freelance Writing Jobs

Imagine waking up when you want, opening up your laptop and boom you’re at work. I have been writing and working from home since July 2018. I recently started a full time marketing job that requires me to come in, but I still write in my free time. In this digital nomad age, many people seek remote roles. When I left my job as an event coordinator I was blessed to be able to have a remote role while I spent some time with myself.

I want to go over three remote roles I had, how I got them and what they were like! I won’t share company names, just my role and responsibilities.


Blogging for wedding florist.

The prettiest remote job ever.

My old job as an event coordinator was an actual hot mess, and luckily I found an amazing wedding florist who was hiring for a Project Manager. I had met this creative entrepreneur before, so I reached out and applied through her website. The role is a combo of blog writing, social media management and occasional on site floral assistance. My love for weddings and events is tied into this, and I get to blog about beautiful weddings. I also get to learn about the different types of flowers when I assist with floral installations. Overall, this job is 95% remote because I mainly work on blog creation to make sure both of her websites are consistently updated.

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Writing Online Quizzes

creating captivating quizzes

My sister started writing quizzes remotely 4 months before she got me in with the company. She was enjoying working from home, writing 25-50 questions per quiz, with descriptions of 40-80 words per question. In addition, you had to find a high quality photo for each question. It sounded really good and when I quit doing events, she told me her company was hiring. I completed their online form that is open to anyone, submitted three possible quiz topics and got hired! Once I started, the requirements got a little more difficult. I had to write 35-50 questions per topic and questions now required 80-100 word descriptions. There was an excel sheet from which we could select topics. I went with topics like Name All These Pokemon Characters or Pick or Pass on these NBA players. Working in a remote role was fun, but coming up with something unique or witty to say for every question grew tiresome. When I first started one quiz would take me 4-5 hours. As I got my footing, they took less time. However, the topics were rarely on anything I was passionate about. I really enjoyed wedding quizzes like Plan Your Wedding and We Will Reveal the Perfect Groom. I love weddings!

Jobs by Joce Black Freelance Writing Jobs

Short text stories

Writing short fiction for text message story apps

Have you ever read those text message short stories on Snapchat? I found a creative writing position like this on Indeed and was so excited. Creative writing is my favorite, and I actually enjoy reading those kind of text message stories in my free time. The website offered pay per story, minimum 500 words. 500 words is just about one typed page. I envisioned submitting 2-3 stories a week. After I submitted my [first love story] I awaited my payment. It took a little while, but they sent it via PayPal. They also sent over a contract that when read carefully state that you only get paid once the story was posted to the app, and then approved. It also stated that once the story is on the app I would lose all right to the story. This made me feel very wary, because if a story ever did particularly well I would want to use it on another platform. With this information in mind, I decided to stop sharing stories with this app.

There you have it! Three very different freelance writing gigs. What kinds of writing gigs interest you the most? Hope you find the write one! Lol okay I’m done.