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Joce: I am super excited to share this Spirit of a Scribe featuring my little sister and Young Adult Author, Stephanie Harper. She has been writing all her life, creating books and cartoons since elementary. Now she sells her work on Kindle and more! Okay SIS! Introduce to yourself!

Steph: I have been writing entertainment trivia for about a year now across two different websites. My style of writing for these websites focuses on things like celebrities, travel, weddings, movies, and more. When it comes to my personal writing, I write Young Adult fiction novels that are geared towards an audience of females from ages 13 through their mid-twenties. I have been writing Young Adult fiction novels on a serious level since I was about seventeen but I have been writing down everything that interests me since I was about six.

Joce: How has writing changed/shaped your life?

Steph: Writing has always been an integral part of my life and it has also always been something I am unable to function without. My phone is filled with a thousand random notes of things that pass through my mind, various story ideas, and lots of interesting thoughts I have. Writing has shaped my life in every way because without it, I’d be totally lost!

Joce: It’s powerful that you found yourself in writing. I think it’s amazing! How much of your writing is inspired by your personal life?

Jobs by Joce Spirit of a Scribe Stephanie Harper

I’d say my novel writing is 50% based in reality and 50% based in dreamland.

-Stephanie Harper

Steph: I’d say my novel writing is 50% based in reality and 50% based in dreamland.

Joce: How does social media impact the writing industry?

Steph: Social media helps with my writing because I am able to promote a lot of my own work whenever I feel like doing so. I can share updates about my work, blog post links, and more across the various social media platforms I have.

Joce: Let’s get back to the basics. How do you begin writing a new project?

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Steph: Sometimes I sit down and start writing and everything just floods straight from my brain onto the paper exactly as I want it to. Other times, I create an outline and plan out exactly what I want to say and how I want to say it.

Joce: What kind of music inspires you to write?

Steph: I love to listen to Lana Del Rey when I’m writing because she has a melancholy and angelic voice that sometimes perfectly match my mood and the mood of my fictitious characters. Her songs inspire feelings of deep love and infatuation for another person, heartache and heartbreak over another person, coming of age, escaping your demons, embracing change, being young, and more. I also enjoy the alternative sounds of M83 as well as a few other talented artists.

Joce: Who is your favorite YA author?

Steph: I was inspired by Sarah Dessen the most when I first started writing novels. Just Listen, The Truth About Forever, and This Lullaby are some of the books she wrote that I enjoyed. My favorite book of ALL TIME is called The Lovely Bones and it was written by Alice Sebold. I have read the book multiple times and each time I read it, I took something new away from it in terms of character analysis, themes, and the deeper meanings and messages of the plot.

Thanks for reading all about Stephanie Harper! She is a talented writer and you will hear about her sooner than later!