Jocelyn's resume

A brief list of the jobs I've had! Check out my blog for more


Event Sales Manager

Out of the gate, this job is going to be a fun one! I bet my newest gig as an Event Sales Manager for a thoroughbred race track will keep you entertained. 

Restaurant Supervisor

I worked in the historic Angel Stadium, in the brewery, while the team played ball! Home Run.


Lifeguard of four summers. Private pools, public pools & lakefront certified. Four saves & a permanent tan. Dive In.

Social Media & Marketing manager

When passion meets pay! I went from posting on Instagram for fun, to getting paid for it. Along with photography, website management & more. Repost That.

Camp Counselor

If you like waking up before the sun, and the sound of trumpets. If you don't mind mosquito bites and you have a competitive spirit. 

Web Designer

Do you love symmetry and colors? Do you have an eye for detail. I am new to web design, but I was given the chance to redesign a website for a non profit and I have grown fond of it. Click Here.

Production Assistant

Nothing compares to being on set, right next to the action when stars arrive on the red carpet, and all the lattes you delivered were perfect. I have worked freelance for major television networks. Tune In.

Flight Attendant

This career appealed to my love for travel, my restless spirit, and my desire to have a full time job without feeling tied down. I flew to Canada, Mexico & around the US for 8 whole months. Lift Off.

Vacation Planner

Yes I work for the Happiest Place on Earth. & No, I will not get you in for free. Oh BOY.

Post Production assistant

After production comes post-production. Film editing, sound design, CGI, color correction. A Post PA has entry level access to any of these fields. Note: Must be ok with driving. A Lot. 

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