The Lows of Flying

One of the very best days of 2014 was the day I completed flight attendant training in Salt Lake City, UT. I was convinced this would be my career for 3-4 years. I would travel the planet, blog, take pictures and I would never have to sit at a desk.

Well I’m sitting here at a desk right now to tell you it did not work out that way.

The Lows of Being a Flight Attendant.

First and foremost, realize that my personality is very particular. I like things certain way. I like having control over my circumstances and I have a sensitive immune system.

Motion Sickness

I didn’t realize the extent of how airsick I got until I quit television, moved to Minnesota and started in flight training. I get airsick A LOT. Very easily. No matter how long or short the trip. I was poppin’ Dramamine almost every day and having to call out during the middle of a trip. My head would spin, I would throw up, and have to get back to work with a smile. Torture.


Being on Reserve (On Call)

With every airline you start off being a reserve. You are there so that when the senior flight attendants want to call in, or HAVE to call in the flight can still go as scheduled. As a reserve you must live close enough to the airport to get there within two hours. I was being called at 4am to get to the airport by 6am for a four-day trip. Reserve meant no control over your schedule. You might sit within 2 hours of the airport for your entire 12 hour required shift and never be called in. But you still had to be nearby.


Being Mistreated/Feeling Less Than

Pax and Pilots alike were capable of making me feel like my job was pathetic. And that could entirely be because I didn’t feel secure or happy in the job already. But I would have friends accidentally call me a stewardess or air hostess, when really I was mainly there for safety and as a first responder in an emergency. With that being said the enormous amount of pressure I felt to apply makeup and organize the peanut drawer was too much for me. I don’t really care what people think, so trying to provide top notch customer service for people who had been extremely rude or belittling was nearly impossible.


I’ll be posting the HIGHS next! Don’t you worry, it was all worth it.