Me at 26

Personal Blog Jobs by Joce Jocelyn Harper

I'm sipping a glass of the cheapest Riesling I could find, my legs still sore from yesterday's spin class. I am sick with a mild sinus infection, but I'm really peaceful in my spirit.

My life has changed so much in the past year, and I feel that I am finally on the “right” path. I do believe we can have many “right” paths, and if you’ve read my other blog posts you know I’ve been on plenty of wrong ones.

From my desperation to travel, leading me to be a flight attendant.
To my addiction to the television scene, constantly turning back to my life as a production assistant.

When you’re on the wrong path, you can feel it!

Personal Blog Jobs by Joce Jocelyn Harper

I have always been one to be honest with myself, and make changes if I want to.

In the past two weeks I've

  • Started a great new job

  • Cut my hair short

  • Bought a lime green car

  • Bought my first DSLRcamera

  • Celebrated 6 months dating the best boyfriend alive

    Call me impulsive (many have)
    Call me different (many have).

But I am a vision board maker. A Do it Yourself, life should be fun, buy that plane ticket, quit that job type of lady. And I’m not going to apologize for it.

So let me update you on my current career status. Quick updates!

Over the summer I worked as an intern for Legends hospitality, and had a wonderful time. I started as an intern/supervisor in their premium suites, then finished the season working Saint Archer Brewery.

I left the season early, because I was offered a management position at a Recreation Vehicle Park near my house. I figured it would be a great way to get my hospitality management career going, full steam!

Santa Anita Park

Santa Anita Park

When I started as a reservations manager, I immediately missed the friendly professionals at Legends. I was brought into a situation that lacked a lot of the management skills I was currently learning in my Strategic Leadership & Management Course. (A wonderful graduate level class, I might add)

It’s like the job was a real life lesson on how to discourage employees and get people to leave. But anyhow, I won’t go into the details. I quit after 4 weeks.

What matters is where I am now!

Currently I am an assistant manager for event sales at Santa Anita Park! Santa Anita Park is one of the world’s most beautiful race tracks, with the San Gabriel mountains as a backdrop to some exciting horse racing! I have just begun my journey in selling premium spaces and coordinating events.

With all the transitions I have had, going from job to job really fast, it has been hard to blog. I soon hope to be posting video blogs, that way you can get more information in a more entertaining way! I will be breaking down what I do at Santa Anita, and ALSO my fun internship with a wedding planning company. Photos and videos to come!

Thank you for sticking with me, and reading my words!


Seize Eternity,

Jocelyn Harper