April Update

Hey everyone! I am so sorry I’ve been Missing in Action! I just renewed my blog meaning I will take more time to update you all. 

Life took so many unexpected turns and so much has changed in the past few months.

Chef Christina from Hells Kitchen

Chef Christina from Hells Kitchen

I love change but this has been a lot!

The Job Front
I have hopped back on the rollercoaster that is freelance television work. I quit my full time job as a marketing & social media coordinator. The problem was that I was not only underpaid, and under appreciated, but my job responsibilities were too turbulent and the goals and expectations were not clear.

The Problem
I was hired to maintain the company website with WordPress, manage their weekly email and social media marketing and do seasonal direct mailing to customers. I was also troubleshooting the website and getting everything up on their 2nd website. A third website was to come. It was just enough to manage on my own. About 1.5 months in, the owners got inspired to sell products online.

When I interviewed, they only sold products in person or over the phone.
When I interviewed, the main goal for my position was to get their WordPress website up and looking good.

I came into work and a large packet of “How to Create SKUs” was on my desk. It was instructions for a sales portal where we would start to sell our products.

Suddenly, without any discussion, was the go to person to learn about online sales portals, create hundreds of product SKUs, photograph pieces of tile and laminate, trouble shoot shipping issues, measure, weigh boxes, and communicate with the online sales company to understand how to get proper photos onto their platform. The goal posts for the position were moved drastically. I am a hard worker and was initially excited to take on this challenge, even though I considered these duties to be outside of the realm of marketing and social media. (It is outside of that realm). I figured I would learn new skills, impress the owners, and at my 3 month or 6 month review I would get stellar reviews and maybe a raise!

My day to day life at the job proved to be pretty monotonous. I went from creating colorful emails, fun flyers and witty captions to entering tremendous amounts of data, hundreds of rows of product information, and really being confused about how this was my job in the first place. About 2 months of this and I was getting fed up. I was being put in charge of things I felt were completely out of my job description, with no formal discussion. If there was a problem with this brand new sales system, I recieved emails written in ALL CAPS, finger pointing or indirect comments but still no proper direction. Eventually I was 2 months overdue for my 3month review, so I reached out asking for one.

Forklift on Hells Kitchen

Forklift on Hells Kitchen

The End
That’s when everything fell apart. My asking for a review put the owners into a frenzy. I can only imagine they were thinking, “This girl wants more money and we will not have that.”

The online sales that were generated in just 2 months by my work was almost double what I would’ve made in a year working for them. I don’t think a raise would have been that crazy. But really I just wanted to know what my actual responsibilities were, what my priorities were, and even what my job title was!

I was denied a proper review after 5 months, but was criticized very harshly and loudly at a spontaneous meeting. A week later after praying and cooling off, I put in my two weeks’ notice. I took that week after being verbally trashed to pray, weigh my options, and see if I was ready to be freelance again.

Flash forward I’ve been freelance again for over a month and I’ve worked two big shows. Now I am gearing up to work Coachella, the 4th biggest music festival in the world. I just know it was the right move to quit that job. It is never okay to be taken advantage of! Especially when I wasn’t even being paid that well. So now I’m trusting in myself, my skills, my confidence, my hustle, my dreams and my God to carry me into a fulfilling and exciting career. I have always been drawn to the creative world, to entertainment and music. I was writing piano music at seven and staging fairytale photo shoots with my sisters at 13. I was directing fake radio shows at 10 and editing videos and PowerPoints at 11.  My draw to entertaining others even lead to me to study hospitality management, and although I am taking this quarter off of school to work Coachella, I know I will end up working in the events world. I just love when people are enjoying themselves, in beautiful places with lights, music and drinks.

I am repeating myself here because it’s a constant theme through my blog, but you should never stay somewhere that gives you anxiety. You should never let a company feel that they own you. Working for a corporation is supposed to be a mutually beneficial relationship. You provide a service, your time, your talent, your personality and they provide income, respect, and security. If you feel like you’re being attacked so that you can “fear for you job” or if you’re being criticized unfairly, speak to the proper person. If nothing is resolved its time to move on! You never know what greatness is waiting for you after you take that risk.