4 Ideas for Great Summer Jobs

The season is approaching! Summertime is full of concerts, movies, beach trips and smoothies. But these things cost money! Here are some of the jobs I've done to afford a Summer worthy of Instagram.

My sisters and I have an abundance of lifeguard suits, shorts & whistles.

My sisters and I have an abundance of lifeguard suits, shorts & whistles.

There is money to be made in Aquatics and Recreation. With almost HALF of Americans being unable to swim, this job is not only a great place to make new friends, get tan and good summer pay—its life saving and important to society.

I was a lifeguard and swim instructor at a lake, and a pool. I worked at two camps, a private swim club, and two public city pools.

It all started with my mom taking a trip down to the city HR department to see if they were hiring when I was 16. They asked her: Is your daughter a good swimmer? I have been swimming since I was 4 years old. From youth swim team to a Vanguard University swimmer, I am confident in the water.

With that being said training isn’t easy. Especially if you want to be a beach lifeguard. Los Angeles has an Open Water Training Academy specifically for people who want to guard for higher pay at the beach.

In the Summer of 2011 I was a swim instructor for my city. From 10-6 I ran 30 minute classes for kids ages 3-15. All levels, all day. I have never been so tan, or had so much fun teaching. Perk of this job:
·      I bonded with my students and coworkers
·      I was constantly getting a workout treading water with the kids·      I taught swim to children, who now have the ability to be safe in the water.

Consider signing up for a local training class and getting certified. You learn CPR, First Aid, Lifeguarding and a separate class called Water Safety Instruction (WSI) is required for teaching. You can also use your certification to teach private lessons, or guarding private pool parties. Extra money, and you have skills many others do not- water safety is so important!

There were plenty of differences between working at a lake and a private swim club. A lake has more mystery, and if you are not a water bug it may not be comfortable for you. Private pools will be members only meaning you need to be on your best behavior because members are always watching. I remember how I really didn't think much of that, and I would do my job diligently. Later my boss came to me and let me know the members had been observing me and said I was doing a great job. That was wonderful but it actually made me nervous once I realized people were taking note. 

That goes to show you how important lifeguarding is to parents, kids and swim team members. You are responsible for noticing anything that could turn into an emergency. You are responsible for preventing that from happening. 

All the swim instructors would hang out after work. It was a great summer!

All the swim instructors would hang out after work. It was a great summer!

If swimming is not for you, fear not!

There are plenty of other opportunities near the water, that you can look into for the summer. Most cities have a recreation program for kids in the community. Visit your city website and check out their recreation department to see if they are hiring for Recreation leaders and assistants. You will be working with kids and making new friends!

Another summer job might be working at the local summer fair. I grew up attending the LA County Fair, and most counties have fairs and festivities in the summer. One of my friends was a cashier at the LA County Fair and to be honest she didn’t like it. However, because you know it’s a temporary position, you can make it through, go to the fair for free, and save some cash! It is always good to earn extra cash just before heading back to school in the fall.

Something I did in high school was working for the movie theater near my house. That was an excellent job because I got to bring one person to the movies for free whenever I wanted. Summer time is THE top season for having all the best movies released. I made so many friends who lived in the area, saw every movie of 2009, and saved up money to afford my books and supplies for my Freshman year of college.

Check out the NOW HIRING section to apply for lifeguard and other positions near you.