Joce Goes Full Time

For four whole weeks I have been employed Full Time! If you’ve been following my Jobs by Joce Journey, then you know I have had many jobs, most of which have been freelance, part-time, contract, seasonal or internships. I wanted to give you a report on what it’s like to transition from part-time, freelance to full time living.


What I Do:

  • I manage the social media accounts for a floor and cabinet design company. I am trying to engage new businesses and reach a wider audience via online marketing.
  • I update and do a little designing for their website using WordPress. This means swapping out the main photos when there are new products, and I am currently filling in any missing product photos by reaching out to the factories in Europe.
  • We are also in the process of building an in house photography studio so we can shoot our own product photos when the factory does not send the photos we need.
  • I design flyers and emails for the conventions and show rooms the sales reps attend, showing various pricing and new products.
  • ALSO I am learning e-commerce so they can begin to sell their products online. And there are A LOT of products to create SKUs for.

What I Like: So far I really enjoy the laid back office environment. This is perfect for a former freelancer. On set I would wear sneakers, jeans, hoodies, and then dress up on show day. Other jobs I worked had uncomfortable uniforms and many dress regulations. This office is very casual because it’s attached to a large warehouse and sometimes walking around is required. I don’t go into the warehouse for much, but I still dress laid back unless I feel inspired to look cute. I love that I am getting to design flyers and email campaigns. I am pulling from my undergrad classes on Photoshop, colors and fonts to bring their brand to a new level.

What’s Tough:
Office etiquette is something I have naturally learned by having worked in so many production offices. Every show is a new crew, a new management team and new assistants. So I have learned how to be flexible and how to behave in various setting. I also learned that confrontation or being assertive gets things done faster and more effectively. This skill has been important in a television or freelance situation. What’s tough is that not everyone in an office setting feels that way. And because I don’t have a wrap date on this job (yay!) I have to make sure I don’t say something that is going to piss someone off because there’s “no way out.” I can’t just do whatever I want because I will in fact see these people again. And again.

Being on Time is just overall an issue for me. Usually I show up 5-10 minutes late to things and it’s really just a bad habit I have yet to break. This office is actually extremely laid back, but because I have learned that, I’m slowly showing up later and later. I am going to be working on this, but a 7:30am start Monday through Friday will require a life make over. Everything from when I go to sleep to packing lunch is going to be a learning process.

Working in social media and online marketing is rewarding because you get instant feedback, and you can see your designs printed or emailed and making an impact on the company. It has the potential to get repetitive but the owners of this company have a lot of big ideas and they want me to participate. This is going to be a transition for sure. Full time, grad school, part-time at a hotel on the weekends and I live in a new city with my friend! Many new things are here and I look forward to sharing so that if there’s anything you can relate to from my experiences, you can read and learn!