November Update!

Hello all! I have been buried deep in grad school – namely managerial accounting for hospitality. I didn’t expect it would be quite this challenging to balance work, school, and a social life. I am writing this post from Newton Aycliffe in Northern England. The peace of mind I have here is unlike anything I have felt in weeks. I am visiting Matty, my favorite person out here. He is someone I bonded with while working at a summer camp in Pennsylvania. I’m so thankful for taking roads less traveled in my early 20’s, like summer camps and random trips, because of the great friends I have now. If you haven’t read my camp story check it out here.


Full time work life is wild, but accounting class is wilder. I originally started taking both of my prerequisites online. I also started school while working 7 days a week, consisting of one full time job and one part-time on the weekends. I soon came to find that online accounting was not going to work for me, and working 60+ hours a week wasn’t conducive to a healthy brain or attitude. I began to leave work early once a week so I could make it to my day time accounting class and I eventually had to quit my weekend job just to have a manageable life.

I can’t even begin to articulate the frustration and exhaustion I have felt with having a new home, a new job, a new relationship status, and being student again. Math in itself overwhelms me, but accounting for hospitality management? This is a whole ‘notha level. Can any of you English/written assignment-lovers relate?

Currently, I am making my way through the classes, and will have my final in two weeks. I honestly did not expect this masters program to be so tough for me to manage, but I have to give myself grace in realizing that I am balancing a lot emotionally and career wise.

My full time job is great! The environment and work style is perfect for my personality. We get free lunches most Fridays which is always a nice end to the work week. However, because I was thriving from the very beginning, I was given more responsibilities and deadlines than had been discussed in the interview. I have successfully completed three months in this media & marketing position and I honestly have no complaints expect for the changing of goals. More specifically, the addition of roles that were never mentioned prior to being hired. I am understanding more how in smaller companies this is quite normal, but I am taking note of everything I am asked to do that is outside of my title. I’m documenting how much progress and contribution I make. This way, I can be prepared for my biannual employee review. I am looking to ask for a raise which is intimidating but I have to shoot for the stars so I can land on the moon! (Or in other words, ask for a big ass raise and hope they give me something reasonable.) We will see how that goes, and I will let you all know! #WomenShouldAskForRaisesMoreOften

The fact that I am in England, finally writing a post for Jobs by Joce really makes me happy ya’ll. It wasn’t my “job” to take this trip, but I do feel that it is my personal challenge to see the world, and I challenge you to do the same. No one is exempt from being a traveler or catching wanderlust. My passion really lies in encouraging others to step outside their comfort zone and believe me—England isn’t exactly my comfort zone! I will soon be posting on my trip in the travel section here. Let me know if you have any feed back or advice on doing grad school, working full time or what I should see in Northern England while I am here!